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Azteeg X5 Mini Quick Start Guide
Last Updated: 05/04/2014
Super Quick Start Up Guide:

Things you'll need.
  • micro SD card - 2 or 4 GB cards are known to work well
  • USB cable - mini B
The Azteeg X5 mini comes pre-flashed with a bootloader.
  • Copy both firmware.bin and config file to your SD card, then safely remove card from computer
  • Insert SD card into the Azteeg X5 mini card slot and plug your USB cable. (Make sure INPUT SEL jumper is on USB if powering from USB)
  • X5 mini will boot and read the files on the card looking for new firmware, LEDs will count up and then start flashing to indicate that Smoothieware is now running.
  • You may now connect to Smoothie with pronterface or Repetier Host at any baudrate. If using Windows, you will need to install an inf serial driver for it to recognize the "Smoothie-serial" showing up on your PC. . Mac OS/X and Linux have the drivers built in. You can ignore any messages about missing DFU drivers.
  • Install micro stepping jumpers before attempting to move motors - See Wiring Diagram for jumper details
  • You can also connect to the X5 with any serial console program, which should be set to local echo and Linefeed line endings. Typing help will show a list of console commands available, useful commands are:
    • version - which shows the current smoothie version
    • ls /sd - which lists the files on the sdcard
    • play /sd/file - which will print the file from the sdcard

More information can be found here:-
Help can be obtained here from IRC in the #smoothieware channel

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