Panucatt Devices LLC

Panucatt Devices LLC is an Open-Source Hardware company based in Irvine California. Panucatt( pronounced: pa-noo-kat) is derived from the Filipino phrase "pang sukat" which means "something you measure with", e.g. a ruler, yardstick, multimeter, etc. We design, assemble and sell electronic devices that has something do with measuring or controlling stuff, like sensors, meters, micro controller boards, display products and other cool devices. 

While majority of our products are bought by makers for developing awesome projects, we find some of our items alongside industrial equipment, commercial products and mission critical mad scientist like experiments.

Feel free to drop by from time to time and check out what we have on the cooking pot, there are about a dozen very interesting products on the prototyping table.

Roy@Panucatt Devices

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